Premiere: Eugenia Post Meridiem reveal sophomore album ‘like i need a tension’

The last nine weeks have been a cornucopia of exquisite sound coming from the Italian indie quartet Eugenia Post Meridiem. Listeners have been blessed with three eclectic singles stemming from the whirlwind of ‘willpower’, the punchy ‘around my neck’ and most recently third offering ‘whisper’, full of mystique and intrigue. They’ve been carefully and steadily building the ‘tension’, creating the anticipation and ultimately laying the foundations for what is set to be a truly monumental project that we have the absolute privilege of premiering with you today.

A full length record containing the most spectacular explosion of sound – we introduce the sophomore album like i need a tension. 

Perfectly encompassing the Eugenia Post Meridiem essence is focus track ‘crucial spring’: intricate, convoluted, and multi-faceted, it sounds unlike anything in the industry – A feat often attempted but rarely mastered. The skill is seamlessly carried out throughout all eight tracks with outstanding consistency and fearless creativity.

Housing five previously unheard tracks ‘like i need a tension’ is a treasure trove of talent just waiting to be excavated and explored. Particular favourites from these new additions range right from the very first track ‘unchained will’ which is the perfect opener peppered with percussion, to the exciting exuberant energy of ‘tiny perspectives’ all the way down to the slow, soft and voluminous ballad ‘ocean flows’.

A musical odyssey from start to finish, like i need a tension rewards the in depth listener, those willing to get lost in the undulations, progressions, arrangements, dynamics and time signatures, yet still remains accessible to all those who lend an ear to this decadent and sonically rich collection.

It is usually relatively easy to pick out who inspires certain artists, but with Eugenia Post Meridiem, the mystery remains hidden which adds to the addictive nature of their music. You find yourself eager to hear more and more in an attempt to taste the secret ingredient that makes it so distinctive and utterly delectable.

A band on the brink of brilliance, 2022 has ended in a burst of radiance for Eugenia Post Meridiem and there’s no doubt that this is just the very beginning of their trajectory which from their very inception has always been headed straight for the stars.

“We all have something inside of us that reveals itself through our art. That’s our path, and we’re just following it.”Eugenia Post Meridiem

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