Will Wallace X Laurel Smith release electric dance floor banger ‘Girls, Money, Cars’

Rising electronic music producer and DJ Will Wallace makes a bold return with the release of his second single, the sinister and stirring new track, ‘Girls, Money, Cars’. Opening with a suspenseful intro of isolated keyboard notes and a rumbling bass, the beat kicks in sharply guided by an immediately recognisable trap-music influence, followed by vocals courtesy of Laurel Smith, North London’s rising dark-pop connoisseur. 

Originally from Preston, UK WIll Wallace began his budding career in 2020 with the release of ‘Greenlight’ featuring Rachelle Rhienne which saw him and his career catapulted to heights yet unseen. The success of the collaboration showed Wallace to be one to watch for the coming year and this second release is further evidence of his versatility and evolving sound.

Accompanied by Laurel Smith’s self-written lyrics, ‘Girls, Money, Cars’ highlights the imbalance and inequality of the sexes, especially within the music industry, pointing a critical finger at the subjugation of women that keeps them trapped in a male-dominated gaze and public image. Dark and delicious, ‘Girls, Money, Cars’ illuminates the warped, disorienting reality of entertainment, through an ecstatic, highly-produced mix that seriously ups-the-anti on new wave revenge-anthems.

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