Introducing ELENA, the singer & songwriter behind fresh electro-pop track ‘Dreaming’

The road to becoming a songwriter isn’t always straightforward and is unique to each artist, with todays’ example of that winding road coming from ELENA. She’s always had an instinct for music, attending theatre school since the age of 3, but when she graduated, she didn’t fancy going into the theatre world full time. Instead, ELENA turned to songwriting, a hobby that she had nurtured at home, encouraged by family figures like her Nonno and Granny Rae. Sadly, these two family members passed away in January 2021 and ELENA fuelled her grief into the only way she knew how – music. This became a kind of therapy for her and with the help of Inscape Studios, she ended up writing the Enough Love EP.

Lifted from that EP is ‘Dreaming’, a blissful slice of heartwarming electro-pop composed of warm drum pads and melodic guitar lines. It’s a song about her determination to keep the dream alive, mirrored the repeated choruses that we just love to sing-a-long to. Keep dreaming and it’ll all work out.

“I never wanted this EP to be sad, I wanted to share my life and not only the pandemic to express different events and episodes which I have had live through putting myself in control. The song represents what I felt and wished I had said, if I had been strong enough at the time. Writing these words onto a page has been life therapy I never knew I needed.”

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