The Neoni sisters reveal barrier-breaking debut EP ‘Wars in a Wonderland’

The Neoni sisters are no stranger to the realms of Purple Melon and we have been patiently waiting at the side lines, eagerly devouring every fiery, kick-ass single they have thrown our way. Now with mouths and ears wide open we are more than ready to demolish their debut EP ‘Wars in a Wonderland’.

Overflowing with their signature style of boundary breaking, badass anthems, this EP will most definitely be the soundtrack to those days where you want to feel unstoppable. Electric, cinematic and perfect for any superhero, or super villain blockbuster, these girls have a knack for writing killer tunes that bite back. Fierce, exciting and undeniably catchy, this EP packs an absolute punch.

Get ready, to get lost in ‘Wars in a Wonderland.’

“There’s always a moment in every person’s life when you take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its less than cheery colours. That’s what ‘Wonderland‘ is about. It’s an introduction to life as it is. It’s about losing that innocence that lets you believe that life will always be perfect. It’s about the moment when you see through all the hype. It’s about growing up and facing everything that people didn’t mention.” – Neoni.

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