Alana Sukul offers a taste of the Caribbean in, ‘Closer’

Back with a brand new follow-up to her debut single, ‘Be Friends‘, South West London talent Alana Sukul returns with ‘Closer’. Staying true to her signature patchwork genre style, Sukul offers fans a taste of her Caribbean heritage, boasting strong Dancehall vibe paired with an ever-present RnB feel and vibrant pop melodies, resulting in a feel-good summer anthem.

In contrast to Sukul’s last single, there’s no sense of self doubt or insecurity this time around, ‘Closer’ is pure confidence, demonstrating Sukul’s impressive vocal and songwriting range, in spite of her young age. Two singles down, the support of the likes of CloudKid, Acid Stag, Noctis Magazine, CULTR and a steadily growing fanbase at her feet, Alana Sukul is proving herself to be one to watch.

Listen to Alana Sukul – ‘Closer’

“Realising your self confidence and worth is a beautiful thing. Grasp it, you’ll want to pull it closer.”

– Alana Sukul


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