Let Susannah Sail lift you up and drift you away in dreamy new single ‘Fly By’.

Every so often an artist comes along who makes you stop dead in your tracks. Their sound so smooth and unique it captivates you in an instant.

Susannah Sail, currently residing in London is one of those artists. Her latest offering, ‘Fly By’ is her third single to be released and the first of 2020, following ‘Be Your Self’ and ‘That Feeling’ – a personal favourite.

Without giving too much away, Susannah has nailed that jazz infused, rich, soul- satisfying vocal that she pairs with enchanting, heartening lyrics. Held firmly in place by a band of exceptional musicians who have that dream groove on lock. They manage to continuously elevate as the song proceeds, seamlessly combining organic and synthetic sounds in the most spellbinding manner.

Give these tunes a play and let Susannah Sail and her band literally sail you away…

“The idea started when Alessandro came up with a melody on bass when we were all on a tea break, we came back in to the rehearsal room and then all of us were just jamming on that melody for ages. The song grew pretty quickly from then. Josh Ali, Talvez Martini, Alessandro Ionna embedded all the colours in the world into this tune.


This song is about realising and processing the fact that you’re not going to wake up everyday feeling happy within yourself. But that’s ok, because thats a part of life. You can’t always help how you feel but somehow, no matter how bad things seem, you know deep down it will all be alright eventually, because you always find yourself in the end. This is about exploring those feelings, the ups and downs and the fact that sometimes, all you want to do, is just fly away… ” – Susannah Sail.


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