JJ Doze returns with the honest & introspective hip-hop single, ‘Who Am I’

Upcoming New York- based emcee JJ Doze returns with the honest and introspective single, ‘Who Am I’, offering poignant lyricism and conscious, personal narratives over an energetic hip-hop beat laced with underlying rock influences, reminiscent of Linkin Park.

Released alongside an accompanying music video, the visuals to ‘Who Am I’ partner well with the dark and cynical themes covered within the track. Erratic yet measured and well constructed, JJ Doze can be seen performing the hard-hitting single whilst passionaly repeating its metaphors, mirroring the track’s message perfectly whilst the camera is following his every move.

The visuals are easy to follow and will instantly grab your attention. Slightly hectic but illustrating the track’s story down to a tee, the music video specialises in voicing JJ’s every word. Just when you think the track can’t get any better, you listen to it while watching the cinematic visuals and realise that JJ is certainly destined for greatness. 

Raw, punchy and lyrically well-considered, ‘Who Am I’ is a fantastic new offering for JJ Doze who is gradually putting himself and his music on the map with each new release topping the sound and quality of the last. Still so young and relatively new to the game, Doze shows incredible promise as a rapper and songwriter.

Speaking on the meaning and inspiration behind the single, JJ Doze explains:

“In the song ‘Who Am I’, I talk about my ability to fail on knowing my purpose as I try to find the answers I’m seeking for. However, that would be the problem. As I fail to realize that there aren’t any answers, I kept ignoring the fact that there are choices. A choice to be patient with myself. A choice to understand myself. A choice to accept myself. But, that was difficult to do as I kept trying to help everyone around me that I completely forgot about myself.

So, whenever I would feel frustrated, angry, drained, &/or other feelings, I wouldn’t necessarily know what to do… so that’s when I try to brush it off, which diminishes my path to understand myself, & to know who I am & how I react to certain things during a certain situation. In the song, I bring up other situations that also block that path I deeply want to find. This song means a lot to me. It’s a song that can get you feeling hyped (mainly from the chorus) while also leaving you thinking deeply if you listen closely to the lyrics. It surely expresses my vulnerability, & that is exciting to me but also nerve-wracking”

JJ Doze – Who Am I?


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