J.Pastel transport you to another world with their latest chilled, bedroom-pop single ‘Senegal’

Chase Durett and Casey Bruce make up the dynamic, bedroom-pop duo that is J.Pastel. The two Chicago natives joined forced just over a year ago after finding common ground in their music and creative vision.

Since forming the band in 2019, the pair have released one single, ‘Hold’ which has amassed over 200,000 listens on Spotify alone! Now, J.Pastel are ready to make their mark on the the music scene with their second single, ‘Senegal’ which is set to be the lead single on their upcoming debut EP.

Casey Bruce (above) & Chase Durrett (below)

‘Senegal’ is a light and airy, feel-good anthem fuelled by psychedelic electric guitar chords, a grooving funk bassline and 80’s inspired pop lyrics. The two producers blend a mix of genres and instruments to create their laid-back, super-cool bedroom pop.

J.Pastel are definitely ones to watch this coming year, with their EP set to drop in January 2021.

“Senegal is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter.”


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