British pop artist SAPPHIRE shares irresistible new single ‘Repeat’

We don’t know what y’all think but Gen Z are so much more self aware than recent generations, sure they still deal with all the same crap, but at least they have an outlet and the ability to find communities that will show them compassion rather than reprise. SAPPHIRE is an 18-year-old artists and YouTuber who not only grew up on our screens but she also had created a positive community of people from around the world who are drawn in by her honesty, refreshing humble attitude and musical talent. You’ve probably seen at least one of her cover song videos before, they’re pretty great, although her new original music is really where it’s at.

‘Repeat’ is the latest release and once again her vulnerability is a key factor. The British singer-songwriter candidly shares how denial in a failing relationship played a huge part in damaging her mental health, “But I gave you chance after chance, / To come and fix our romance, / When it fell apart the first few times. / Block out the things that the say, / Telling myself that I’m okay, / And I’m so damn good at believing that lie.” We applaud her honesty and relatability, something that’s all packaged up in an irresistible funk-pop track. SAPPHIRE’s mellifluous vocal slips sweetly into our headphones and that bass line is pure magic! Produced by Roy Kerr, ‘Repeat’ rolls out with a weird psychedelic breakdown which we like to think is a little nod to the listener like “you didn’t expect that did you?” You knows what experimentation will come next.

“I like to turn my overthinking into songs. I’ve been making music for as long as i can remember, and I used to post covers on youtube which has given me some amazing opportunities over the past few years. Getting to make music is the most exciting thing ever, and I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way.”

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