Chatterbox: Laura Misch

Where did the new single come from?
I wanted to create a track that was soothing, that you could ‘melt into’ which became a lyric in the chorus. It’s for those who feel abandoned or lost but there is something more majestic and commanding about the word Forsaken so I was drawn to it. It’s meant to be a sonic hug. It was written about someone who wasn’t able to ask for help even though they were in a dark place emotionally. They couldn’t reach out, so I guess it’s me trying to reach them through music.  
Is there more content in the pipeline?
Yeah it’s the first track of a 7 track LP titled ‘Playground’ dropping May 3rd. This LP is my debut self-produced LP. 
What’s on the horizon for you?
I am currently focusing on the live show of Playground. I have a one-woman-solo-electronic show that I have been performing, using electronics and ableton to programme mics and different fx parameters so I can build alot of the soundscapes you hear in the tracks live. It’s an unusual live set up i’ve designed but it’s super powerful and the boundaries are endless. 
The next big show will be my headline on the 6th of June at Bermodsey Social Club in London. For this show I am working on the electronic set being the core but having live musicians coming on and off making the whole set (up) modular. It’s this fusion of electronic and live, quantised and free-time which I want my live shows to explore.

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