Producer Mickey Valen joins forces with Mothica for electro-pop banger, ‘Overthinking’

Rounding off a tumultuous 2020 with a bang, producer and DJ Mickey Valen joins forces with Mothica for a vibrant and vivacious electro-pop banger, ‘Overthinking’.

Drawing you in with a dazzling instrumental fuelled by electronic key chords, shimmering chimes and steady synth lines, Mickey Valen’s production on ‘Overthinking’ is the perfectly made bed for Mothica’s commanding pop vocals and storyteller-style lyrics to lay over.

Mothica & Mickey Valen

Hard hitting, edgy and lyrically impassioned, ‘Overthinking’ is all about that all-too-relatable moment when you realise you might not quite be *completely* over your ex. Thoughts of them still haunt your memories and little things like dates or songs on the radio immediately transport your mind back to your relationship with them, all the good times and all the horrific ones. With words drenched in romantic angst and vulnerability, Mothica delivers her vocals in an up-tempo but fittingly moody fashion, with emotion clinging to even the most distorted of notes as she sings:

“You used to be my lullaby, now you keep me up,
Maybe I’m not over you.
I’m just overthinking about you
it’s so overdue,
after everything we’ve been through
I thought you left my mind
at least a thousand times.
I’m not over you
but i’m over overthinking about you…”

Masterfully produced and performed ‘Overthinking’ serves up a very tasty musical platter full of catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and an unparalleled, catchy vibe that’s all the encouragement you need to call your ex up and try and get them back!


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