Mia Mormino rounds off her 7 deadly Sin-Gles project with the unapologetic ‘Pour Another’

LA native Mia Mormino brings her seven deadly Sin-Gles project to a close with the bold, tenacious and unforgettable ‘Pour Another’. Overflowing with attitude, commanding confidence and sprinkled with just the right amount of sass, ‘Pour Another’ is filled with endlessly catchy melodies and slick, sublime vocals that slink across the track like pure velvet.

Representing Gluttony one of the Seven deadly sins ‘Pour Another’ exudes clever lyrical content around every corner plus the occasional play on words which makes for a tailored and exquisite songwriting experience. Partnered with an absolute corker of a visual, the production and creativity are top tier and feature multiple head turning, jaw dropping moments.

Not often do we get the pleasure of watching artists truly let go and have fun with their content, witnessing Mia portray multiple characters with such expertise shows that alongside writing killer songs and having a stellar vocal she can also easily throw her hand to acting. A triple threat and an absolute star in the making, Mia carries an air of sophistication and certainty which is incredibly refreshing to see. She embodies her many talents and shares this with her audience, empowering them to follow in her footsteps.

The bloopers at the end are an endearing and charming touch, not only giving her fans a little giggle thus being able to relate and connect with her further but it also serves as a reminder that she too is human, despite the glitz, glam and self-assurance she possess, mistakes can be made and it makes it all the more beautiful and intimate.

Mia Mormino oozes authenticity and achieves this in an instance, tackling subjects that can often be interpreted as controversial she rises to the challenge which is an important trait to have as an artist in the current climate. To overcome any fears and be unapologetically yourself in a world of social media, trolls and critics is truly commendable and will take her far in this industry.

Finding the perfect balance ‘Pour Another’ is a fun, incredibly well written electro pop tune that closes a fabulously creative chapter in her career so far. I for one, simply cannot wait to see what this up and coming pop sensation will think of next.

“What better way to close out my seven deadly sin-gles project then with a song about sinning on multiple levels.This song indirectly and unintentionally mentions all seven sins at one point or another and i love it” – Mia Mormino

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