Virtual artist Maie continues her electro-pop adventure with ‘Kosmo’

The legendary music industry name Pete Nappi has written and produced a track for an artist like no other, a one who only exists in the virtual and AI space. Her name is Maie and we introduced you to her at the tail end of last year with debut single ‘Like You’. We told you that was music for the future and the same applies to her newest track ‘Kosmo’, a bass-charged electronic pop track all about the liminal space in which Maie exists.

She explains in the quote below, that as a virtual being, she can travel to spaces that us mere mortals can’t even imagine. This idea is brought to life in full technicolor thanks to another of Maie’s collaborators Final Frontier who have created a series of 2D and 3D worlds that she travels through in the music video for ‘Kosmo’, which you can see below. Undoubtedly, the visual side of this project allows the audience to deeper understand this lesser seen world.

While ‘Like You’ was still in the electro-pop realm, it was lighter, more breathy and almost uncertain, but ‘Kosmo’ is a much stronger sound that reflects Maie’s growing confidence. We love the hard-hitting EDM undertones and amble EQ sweeps that run right in bold choruses.

“I can travel to places normal people can’t. Visit worlds most people can only dream of. But I choose to be here. I choose to be with my friends. I choose to discover what it means to be human. I’d do anything to be here, where I want to belong.”

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