KVMO teams up with Massive Vibes on his sumptuous new track ‘Physical (feat. Ashdown)

‘Physical’ is the stunning new single from KVMO, Massive Vibes and Ashdown. The track is out now across all platforms through Cloudkid, the emerging indie label created by the tastemaker network of the same name. Big synths, anthemic guitar riffs and solid melodies are the name of the game on ‘Physical’. The production is polished, but retains enough edge to underpin an enigmatic vocal performance. Once the chorus drops in, you become instantly aware that this is a special track – the hook is unforgettable, pinned down by a massive brass synth bass.

“Our collab with Massive Vibes was planed long ago. We were looking for cool topline and then we got this one from Ashdown. Massive Vibes came up with this sick guitar riff and we turned it into a sick track.” – KVMO on ‘Physical’

“The vocal we got sent by Kamil had a really cool vibe. It was perfect for our direction with the guitar riffs and the slightly melancholic chord progressions, so we went for it.” – Massive Vibes on ‘Physical’

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