Charity Children release stunning, third and final studio album ‘Almost Young’

For those among us who may not yet have heard of the wonderful, eclectic pop duo Charity Children, first may we ask HOW and secondly may we give you a swift introduction to these intriguing young artists.

Now situated in Berlin, the New Zealand born pair are film makers, musicians and even ex-partners, better known to some as Chloë Lewer and Elliot Mckee. Most would assume that a break in relationship may also mean a break in this groups musical makings, but it’s quite the contrary for these two unusual yet refreshing artists. Thus creating music in circumstances that may seem a little odd, these two have continued with their art and have found a space that is truly beautiful to behold.

Their third studio album ‘Almost Young’ is nothing short of exemplary, with layers upon layers of glowingly gorgeous harmonies, authentic lyricism and nostalgic synth sounds. The two have hand crafted a glorious collection of tunes featuring complete and utter honesty, melodies that float on air and poetic storytelling, all locked together with a vibrant array of colours and a warming vintage style production.

“One of the overarching themes of the album is giving the sort of unsolicited advice to friends that you should be following yourself. ‘She Still Wants You’ is an example of this. Although clearly written to someone else in a moralisting way about how that friend should be letting go of a fading love for the sake of another- I was at the time perpetrating the same sort of behaviour. It’s always easier to give advice than to take it and projecting outwards often clarifies my inward dilemmas, helping me take the advice I can so easily dish out.” – Charity Children

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