Chris Grey releases stunning electro-pop single ‘Seamless’

Chris Grey is an example of what it takes to bend the rules within the universe of pop. This multi-talented producer and singer-songwriter has continuously been innovating and creating his own unique brand of music and picked up a lot of fans along the way.

His latest offering ‘Seamless’ is a primary example of the individual sound he has immersed himself in so far; with emotive violins, his signature falsetto vocal, hook-ridden guitar solos, riffs and everything in between. It’s clear that Chris Grey is one to watch, as he continues to explore and further define his ever-growing and expansive sound.

Chris talks about the meaning behind ‘Seamless’:

“My girlfriend and I had recently crossed the line between being friends and co-writers to dating,” Chris explains.

“We were joking about being seamless together and also how seamlessly we had moved from working together to being a couple. She started joking around singing ‘with you it’s just seamless’ and we both looked at each other and realized that would be a cool song. We got out of bed and instantly started bouncing off rhymes and writing the song. The song came together seamlessly!”

Chris Grey- Seamless


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