Singapore’s electro-pop rising star Charlie Lim shares sumptuous new single ‘Zero-Sum’ prior to album release

Singapore-based Charlie Lim shares his sumptuous new single ‘Zero-Sum‘ from his album ‘CHECK-HOOK‘, which is due for release on October 12th of this year. Charlie’s distinct recipe is made up of organic sounds which are warm to the touch, ethereal electronic elements and a voice to lose yourself in. His lyricism is drenched in relatable, heartfelt and introspective literature which tugs on the poetic heartstrings. His style defies any one genre in particular; his last record was a split album stretching between acoustic melancholia, post-rock, neo-soul, and electronica, where the sonic palette shifts and expands only to serve the narrative of the song, never pressured by stylistic trends to shape the kind of artist he should be. ‘CHECK-HOOK’ is an ode to overthinking and overworking, and expresses the attempt to find equilibrium between chaos and control without being paralysed in the process.

“A lot of the songs on this new record are about the relationship with pursuing something that you love doing. I often find myself questioning the idea of one’s purpose and where we get our sense of validation from. I think it’s something we can all relate to, especially in this day and age where we’re constantly trying to find our ‘ikigai’ while FOMO-ing from lack of self-actualisation.” – Charlie Lim

Charlie Lim_2_6240


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