MICKY’s ‘Northstar’ single captures the grit & determination of a NYC hustler.

Michael Persall, better known by his artist name MICKY, is no stranger to hard work. He describes himself as a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur which is no small feat for any man, but for MICKY it was this constant drive and desire for more that acted as the inspiration behind his single ‘Northstar’.

“Northstar is about my journey these past few years living as an artist and entrepreneur in music tech. The line in the song ‘Northstar never lost sight through the movement’ speaks to the challenges building a company and career as an artist, and developing the patience to learn from failure and stay focused on moving forward despite the setbacks.”

Northstar”s production deviates quite a bit from his previous work by relying on heavy trap beats, artificial synths and distinct 808 drum patterns to conjure an emotive response from his listeners. However, MICKY’s discography so far has largely been comprised of more delicate, piano and guitar led tracks.

It appears that ‘Northstar‘ may mark the beginnings of yet another new chapter in this young New Yorker’s life.

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