Issermann shines in music video alt-acoustic offering, ‘Empty Skies’

Issermann shines in his brand new music video for the alt-acoustic offering, ‘Empty Skies’. Off the back of his debut album release, Demons, Issermann dropped an ambitious music video for its eponymous lead single. Now, Issermann is revealing 5 more mini-videos over 5 weeks, with each piece touching on intricate elements of Issermann’s personality that are heavily cemented in the Demons body of work.

First up in a thrilling set of releases is ‘Empty Skies’ a beautifully written and composed acoustic number and the closing record of the album. Written about an atheist’s desire for a God or the knowledge of a greater purpose, ‘Empty Skies’ tackles the big questions, making the track a sort of ‘existential anthem’ for the deep thinkers and non-believers. Delivered by Issermann’s incredible, raspy, rock vocals, the track bares a wholly unique sound that is sure to stick in the hearts and minds of many of its listeners.

“‘Empty Skies’ is about the desire that god could exist. It is an atheist’s cry for faith. Longing and wishing for faith’s comfort without the ability to believe in it. In the wake of loss, a void is left craving, calling to be filled. The flaming sword has been a metaphor for god’s power and will on earth in many myths and legends (Excalibur, Attila’s Sword of God, Game of thrones, etc. ); A weapon carrying god’s ‘righteousness’ through power and violence. As a concept, It is both powerful and terrifyingly ridiculous ; a perfect fun addition to the track narrative and exclusive acoustic rendition as part of the Demons album release.”

– Issermann

Listen to Issermann – Empty Skies


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