MACKandgold releases poignant pop bliss infused indie funk tune ‘Take Me In’.

MACKandgold release first track of 2020 – on the surface, a light, pleasing pop tune but upon closer listening, a pretty poignant single from the artist. ‘Take Me In’ is a beautiful blur of genres, leaning towards funk and a little bit of dance, but still clinging to those lingering notes of alt and indie, dusted off with a purposeful lyrical content.

Beautifully dedicated to the artists late father, ‘Take Me In’ features strong synths, understated guitars and memorable vocal lines. Partnered with sharp production, this tune has commercial viability, whilst standing firmly on the alt pop side of the road.

“Life has put me through hell, and this project has helped me find comfort in that discomfort and angst.” – MackandGold.


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