Introducing Ruben Dawnson with indie-pop gem ‘FYALMA’

Hailing from the cold woods of Norway, Ruben Dawnson is a young artist and producer determined to make a name for himself and new single ‘FYAMLA’ is a surefire great start. The track oscillates between anxiety and freedom as the young creative wrestles with his inner demons. It’s a vulnerable moment that displays a great sense of self-awareness along an undeniable penchant for earwormy indie-pop melodies.

This bedroom pop style draws on influences from Frank Ocean to James Blake to Tyler, the Creator and its the eclecticism that really shines through the vibrant production. The overall positive vibe is so that “hopefully this can lift people’s spirit”, and as Dawnson goes on to say, “I hope people will connect with it and scream out the lyrics!!





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