Chatterbox: AWAS

Blueberry Glam is the new offering from perennial PM favourites AWAS. The duo, who are currently based in Nashville, deliver precise electro-pop. The production is mature,  there’s a healthy focus on catchy hooks, infectious melodies and soaring synths.

Hey, tell us a bit about AWAS. 

AWAS consists of vocalist/songwriter Ariel Hill and producer Danny Melonz. We operate out of Nashville as a two person crew and produce all of our tracks from recording to mixing and mastering all based out of our studio located in a living room. We’re very organic and do it yourself and we’re proud of that!

It’s a different sense of accomplishment to release a track and know that you had a hand in every single aspect of it’s creation. It’s certainly a lot tougher and much more time consuming but definitely an all around rewarding process. Both of us have our own respective careers as solo artists and AWAS is a place we can approach writing music from a different angle, be experimental and collaborate on how to add new spins on old formulas and sounds. We both put a lot of heart into this project for no other reason than we just love what we do and we love working with each other!

How did Blueberry Glam come about?

The single came after we had released our debut album as a duo. We had a period of creation where we tried out a bunch of different sounds to see what direction we wanted to head in next and this one just felt right for us. We wanted to make something euphoric and uplifting so we used our own city, Nashville, as a reference to channel this emotion. Nashville has always been a source of inspiration for the both of us.

It’s just swarming with creative individuals dying to express themselves and we just love that about it. We wanted to express in the track how grateful and inspired we are by the city and people that we encounter so that’s the basis of how it all came together.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Currently we are working on filming a music video for the single and it will be our first music video as a duo so we’re definitely excited! We have plans to release a short EP soon after. We’re having fun continuing to create content and have no plans to stop the inertia of AWAS.

What’s on the horizon for the pair of you?

Building a new project from the ground up is a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun. Performing live is a huge part of who we are and we’re constantly refining and building our live sets. In the coming year we will be performing more in our hometown here in Nashville as well as New York City, Asheville, and a few other cities on the East coast.

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