Bad Idea drop dreamy pop ballad ‘Happy’

The Leeds based, four-piece indie band, Bad Idea have shared their newest single, the dreamlike, shoegaze ballad ‘Happy’. ‘Happy’ closely follows their previous fuzzy pop tune ‘Winter’ released earlier this year. Overflowing with chiming, bliss inducing guitar chords and oozing with romantic, hazy melodies the track builds to an epic, soaring chorus which features heavy, heady instrumentals. Detailing the surprise appearances of positive thoughts after a depressive slump, this tune enchants the listener, surrounding them in a musical mist which is equally as atmospheric as it is utterly endearing.

Although the tone of the song seems to contrast with its emotions, Happy is actually a song about feeling good. I can imagine that a lot of people, as well as ourselves have been stuck in a rut this past year or so – so the appearance of positive thoughts during all of this stillness and contemplation come as a shock. Songwriting is what we’ve  been left with this year, and Happy encapsulates that sense of meditation and catharsis that we’ve been unable to unleash onstage.” – Sarah Sefton, Vocalist

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