Chatterbox: Men I Trust

Hey, tell us a bit about Men I Trust.

We are Men I Trust, an indie half chill / half dance trio from Quebec City (Canada): Jessy plays the groovy bass lines, Dragos plays the keys and shoots the videos and Emma sings and plays the guitar. We are a hardcore DIY band: we record, master, compose and shoot our own music videos. We all have complementary skills that we put together in order to be self sufficient. Dragos is a Ph. D candidate in music recording, a piano player, and shoots the music videos as well, Jessy is a jazz guitar Batchelor extremely talented as a player in both the guitar and the bass, and Emma is a guitar and piano player as well as a singer. We like lots of music genres ranging from Jazz, Baroque, Electro and Disco to Hip-Hop. We have lots of fun composing together and making our project grow visually and musically.

Where did the new single come from?

We shot Plain View during our 2016 China Tour. This clip is very special for us because it is not a built up scenario. It is our most personal one, simply made of several everyday moments the four of us shared as good friends. Plain View was ready to be released since 2015, but we waited a special occasion to re lease it. It’s also our last video as a quartet group: Odile, our friend who sings in “Plain View”, is now full time in her francophone trip-hop music project called De la reine. Our China tour, our last tour the four of us, seemed like a logical opportunity to release it.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

So basically we are continuing to release singles and music videos for a while. We feel that people are only now starting to discover our first two albums so releasing singles before releasing a third album seems like a good way to have a steady flow of content while new people discover our past releases as the days go by. This spring, we are releasing a Vinyl: it’s the Men I Trust “Starter Pack”. You’ll have a mix of our best tracks from the past single releases and albums with 3 exclusive songs that will only be released on this vinyl and never anywhere else digitally. That’s exciting.

We are actually (right now) in Bucharest shooting our next music video for our next single. It will be called “You Deserve This”. It’s a reallllllllyyyyyyyy chilled down track, almost ridiculously slow and dreamy. We will release it this spring with Adult Swim. The music video will have a nice Eastern Europe feel (Dragos is from Romania).

We have also another song and music video in development. We haven’t a name for it yet (maybe something like “Never ending song”, because it has a really strong hook that we keep repeating, and after the song is done we just feel like playing it from the start again). For this one, we’d like to film a story about two really good friends travelling through Nevada’s desert. It’s a more complex project to do, and nothing is confirmed yet with everyone’s availability, but we have our fingers crossed and do our best to make this work.

What’s on the horizon for you?

We will be playing at Osheaga this year! For us, it’s one of Canada’s nicest music festival to be playing at. We all attended the festival before, but now we will be playing there! For 2017, we are continuing the same way as 2016: we will be releasing new singles and videos available for free to download, do our own things, play live more often and, as much as possible, abroad too in order to spread our music. We just want to have fun, stay independent as long as it is possible without impeding Men I Trust’s growth and release content that we are really proud of!

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