Chatterbox: Aftrparty

Hey, tell us a bit about yourselves.

We (Alex and Cian) got together as Aftrparty, making alternative R&B, as teenagers at a London high school in 2016. Our first original track, Hold Me Down, quickly garnered attention online, shooting to #1 on Hype Machine and settling our desire to be accomplished mixers of electronic, trap and hip-hop influences. Sonically, Alex’s production draws on the electronic dance beats of Flume & Mura Masa, as well as dark, 808-heavy influences. Cian blends in the distorted guitar and basslines of Travis Scott with elements of Frank Ocean’s organic palette – forming a final product which fuses both unique electronic and recorded sounds.

Where did the new single come from?

We laid down the initial synth ideas for the track last summer but since then it’s been through many iterations – we’ve collected hundreds of samples and guitar recordings which we eventually narrowed down in production to form the track as it is now. Several vocalists also sent ideas for the track but we were really excited to work with Jordan Corey on this one, as her totally unique songwriting fit the emotion in the instrumental perfectly.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

We’ve got so much music we want to put out there – right now we’re finishing the final 2 tracks of our EP, but we’re also working on multiple songs for afterwards, as well as writing new stuff every week.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Putting more time into music and less into other commitments like school etc – the stuff we’re working on and releasing now is the most creative stuff we’ve made, and we want to make sure all the songs realise their potential. We’re also getting ready for our first live shows which will be happening soon.

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