Chatterbox: DGTL CLR

Hey, could you tell our readers a bit about yourselves?

Aaron: LA raised, I started playing drums at age 8 and took up guitar bass and piano at 13. I grew up on Nintendo and vaporwave, and I try to recreate the sounds of the 8 bit imagery I came to become obsessed with.

Devereaux: I started DGTL CLR after walking into a music school in LA and randomly asking for any electronic drummers that go to school here. I was then introduced to my partner Aaron Shadrow who I instantly fell into creative flow with after hearing one of his songs.

How did this new single come about?

Deveraux: This is our very first single and we have an EP with 8 songs on it coming out soon. I was a huge Radiohead fan and love the sounds of electronic music. I always wanted to play music that you could dance to and had full sounds that took you to strange places.

The single Elephant, was a fun idea I had that turned into something more. After laying some framework for the song, I re opened it with Aaron and he helped sculpt the finishing product.

Aaron: This single came from Devereaux’s vault of songs and my production/crafting skills. We took his creativity and my technicality to put out a single I am very proud of.

Without saying too much we have been working very hard on material we are extremely excited to release someday, but we want it to be more perfect than anything we’ve ever made.

What’s on the horizon for DGTL CLR?

Aaron: You can catch us at live shows all around Southern California and, hopefully, worldwide someday.

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