Purple Pop: Rook Monroe, SUMMY, Erika Olson, Kita Alexander, townsend, Izeezus, Rxhul, Jennie Harluk, Sofi Gev, & Harry Taylor

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

We’re kicking off our latest collection of diverse pop songs with a very unconventional love song from boundary-pushing creative Rook Monroe. ‘I Did Drugs For You’ is the dazzling sophomore single from the artist’s upcoming project and it’s reflective of his poetic lyricism that weaves around the earthy bass, bubbling synths and swaying rhythm. The revelation that this love story would involved an intoxicated, substance-fueled adventure adds a frame of realism to this otherwise cloud nine narrative.

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Next on our radar is the instantly iconic ‘Wish I Never Met You’, from rising queer artist SUMMY who wrote this simmering alt-pop single with her brother. Like so many of the best pop sounds, this one is about getting your heart broken, processing the hurt and finally healing from that trauma. The Los Angeles-via-Arizona uses her powerful voice to express all those potent feelings over the punching soundtrack in a way that’s undeniably authentic.

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The role of a mother is something that’s seldom shared in music and yet most of us wouldn’t be here without the industrious and seemingly tireless work of the woman who raised us. One artist who knows this experience all too well is Erika Olson, the new songwriter who has poured all of her struggles into the honest, americana track ‘Momma Ain’t Got No Time’. This bluesy, meandering song follows the path of one mother on a typical day. It’s refreshingly honest.

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‘Ocean Blue’ is the uplifting pop anthem from promising Australian artist Kita Alexander, who lays it all out on the table with driving beats, optimistic pop melodies, flawless vocals and memorable lyrics. Before the end of this summery single, you’ll be singing “could you, would you, be the moon to my ocean blue?” It also promised to be a pivotal track for Alexander as it contrasts to the sweet sadness of previous single ‘Boys Of Summer’ and further shows how her mix of classic songwriting and electro-pop production can be suited to any situation.

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While townsend’s new single ‘yours’ sits on the precipice of many genres, such as indie-folk, folk-rock and singer-songwriter, we think that the commercial appeal of this emotionally deep track qualifies it for our pop round-up. After all, it’s those songs with a raw acoustic guitar, blisteringly beautiful lead vocal and stirring electronic beats that have the power to become our personal playlist regulars, especially when they help us get over an ex with lyrics by someone doing exactly that. There’s always more room in our lives for songs like ‘yours’.

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Several of the tracks in this playlist have already delved into love and heartbreak, but what about a song which imagines a relationship that never existed? Asking this big “if” is Izeezus, the Chicago artist who looks back at the love that never was in ‘Falling For’. Inspired by Post Malone’s ‘Circles’, this contemporary beat-driven track is flush with synths and piano lush synth melded together with a dreamy, atmospheric production. His melodic voice drifts in and out of memory, coming dangerously close to catching feelings again.

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We’re departing from the past ideas of love and embarking on a present romance with the energetic dance-pop single ‘Fever’ from musician Rxhul. The high-octane track is propelled forwards by an adventurous guitar, rich synth chords and a consistent danceable beat, all of which is topped off by the sensual voice of featured artist Aleinad. This catchy track is all about opening up to your love interest and letting them know “I’ve got a fever for you!”

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Canada’s Jennie Harluk describes her new single ‘She’s Got You’ as “the ‘edgy’ side of my ‘girl next door’ thing I’ve got going on“. She’s got the sweet and sincere voice, the penchant for writing pop-leaning songs and the unassuming appearance of a pretty girl in your neighbourhood, yet the her witty lyrics have a bite to them. Over the blissful pop backdrop, Harluk drops absolute scorchers like “she seems nice, we look alike, and I know that’s just your type”, which reveals the hurt emotions hidden behind her words.

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Sofi Gev is the solo project of American singer-songwriter and indie pop artist Hannah Lovelady and her sound is influenced by some of today’s greatest songwriters like Birdy and Aurura. The line from them to her in clear in the delicate, piano-led ‘Somebody, Maybe’, which delicate deals with the loss of a loved one and it’s complex emotional fallout. Her isolated voice floats over the rich keys and sombre orchestral strings as she calls out into the silence for an answer that will never come.

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‘my youth’ from the Brooklyn-based Italian singer, songwriter and producer Harry Taylor is the anthem for anyone that falls hard in love. The consistent acoustic guitar is the warm heart to this track and Taylor’s youthful voice is brimming with sincerity, both of which rises together towards the heart-felt crescendo. This pop anthem really does drop you right into the core of what it feels like to be young and in love.

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