Sounds of R&B & Soul: Mike Baretz, HiddenLif, Queens Country Roots, meadowhip, MiDi KwaKwa, & Kid Travis

Much like our other round-ups, we’re setting up another genre-based blog playlist simply because of all the wonderful and diverse music that’s being sent our way. R&B and soul are two of those classic sounds that haven’t wavered over the years, instead they’ve continued to evolve and branch out into exciting new frontiers. So without further ado, let’s have a listen.

First song on our first ever R&B and Soul playlist is ‘Take It That Way’ from singer, songwriter and producer Mike Baretz, who has taken his unconventional start in music to create sounds that melt together elements of bedroom-pop, indie R&B, future soul and lofi production. This woozy number is soaked in nostalgia for a past that evokes many questions from the artist still to be answered.

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HiddenLif’s ‘Party On Mars’ is the second single from the artist’s upcoming album, The Velvet Room. Keeping in with that luxurious and textural feel, this track is steadily-paced because one luxury that this martian recording has is time. The beats are punctuation to the smooth sheen of HiddenLife’s vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd. Consider this your introduction to the metaphysical space that this artist is currently conjuring.

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From the contemporary sounds we’ve already heard, let’s venture into some timeless soul courtesy of New York City-based guitarist Marlon Hurt and vocalist Jesse Maxwell who collaborate together on Queens Country Roots. Their latest bluesy creation is ‘Feed the Hungry’, a song that’s heavy in the genre’s distinct melancholy, yearning lyrics, neo-soul vocal melodies and prog-rock composition. The whole thing is a living, breathing soul masterpiece.

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Another artist who shares a passion for classic songwriting with a fresh edge is meadowhip, aka Australian singer-songwriter and poet Cara Walkam. Her new single ‘Am I Broken’ is a refreshingly honest confession of the artist’s own faults, which she relays over a sumptuous bed of rich bass grooves, atmospheric synth keys, grooving beats and ageless R&B melodies. You can own up to your own problems with a righteous “fuck yeah!” too.

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It’s tracks like ‘Things Fall In Place’ from Germany’s MiDi KwaKwa that has us so excited to be exhibiting soul as a new genre on Purple Melon. Her warm, honey-like vocals bring a welcome contrast to the tapping acoustic percussion that’s inspired by the artist’s Ghanian heritage, which altogether creates a hypnotically calming track. The video also celebrates her inherited culture with montage-like visuals.

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Soul troubadour Kid Travis is here with the ultimate serenade ‘By My Side’. The artist paints the picture-perfect scenario of “kissing in the rain” with his rich lyrical imagery, which is given that extra amorous edge thanks to his inviting voice. The steady beats and noodling guitar give us just enough of a backdrop to slow-dance our hips to, but really ears are on those pitch-perfect melodies.

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