Five In Five: Bye Beneco, New Friends, Kieran Kriss, Zoey Leven, Bad Flamingo

Welcome Five in Five, the regular column which celebrates the five hottest tracks we’ve discovered each wee and for each new tune, we pick five words that perfectly sum it up.

Bye Beneco – Even Now

FIVE WORDS: kaleidoscopic, dreamy, sparkling, psychedelic, cosmic-disco

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New Friends – Doomed

FIVE WORDS: anthemic, fatalist, youthful, bombastic, danceable

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Kieran Kriss – Too Around

FIVE WORDS: yacht-rock, nostalgic, insular, wishful, noodling

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Zoey Leven – I Feel Like A Loser

FIVE WORDS: self-defining, confident, honest, indie-pop, riveting

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Bad Flamingo – Bees Making Honey

FIVE WORDS: intimate, americana, syrupy, retro, sensual

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