Chatterbox: mk.gee

Hey, tell us a little about the project.

Mk.gee (pronounced McGee) is the LA based project of Michael Gordon. I grew up in South Jersey and have been living in LA for about 2 years now. Mk.gee had its first debut last may with a short project called 8ams (available only on SoundCloud). Since then, I have grown a lot through writing and production. 

What does the new single draw upon?

My recent single ,”I Know How You Get”, is about a reoccurring instance where a guy loves a woman, desperately trying to prove why they belong and fit well together.  

What can your fans look forward to?

Regarding the upcoming project I’m releasing this fall, I’m really trying to push the boundaries of my usual box. The writing/producing is definitely has live shows in the rear view mirror, featuring more synth work and lots of live instrumentation. My goal at the top of the priority list for the EP is to make it fucking groove.

I definitely have a much more clearer vision of what the EP wants to say sonically and there’s definitely a certain feeling I’m drawing upon with a lot of the songs I’m singing and recording. The project will pull from a lot of indie beach rock, late 70s R&b, and contemporary psych.

In the mean time before the next single, I’m putting finishing touches on a “live take” music video for “I Know How You Get”, produced by Max Feye, an LA based Film Producer and Screen Writer as well as a genuine friend of mine. Going to be working a lot this summer on polishing up the next couple singles and music video’s. Look out for the live video for “I Know How You Get” on my Facebook artist page “Mk.gee” In the next month!

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