Swedish/British duo Girl Crush release ‘Past Life’, a synth-filled nostalgia-pop piece

Girl Crush is a Swedish/British duo who write emotive, soul wrenching alt-pop. They describe their sound as ‘Promcore’ – an word that perfectly encapsulates their fusion of nostalgia-tinged heartbreak and energetic pop production. They self-released their debut single Small Talk, a track which ended up in a number of Spotify playlists, including Fresh Finds and Electrending. The new offering, ‘Past Life’ showcases their synth-filled lovelorn writing style perfectly. With pulsing keys, ambient production, reverb fuelled percussion and soaring melodies.

“It’s about losing yourself and your purpose, about looking back at yourself and who you were. Finding yourself anew: in all the mistakes you make, the stumbles, the bad trips. It’s about past promises being shaken by reality but finding romance in the fractures. Still hoping and still dreaming high.” – Girl Crush


2 thoughts on “Swedish/British duo Girl Crush release ‘Past Life’, a synth-filled nostalgia-pop piece

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this band, they’re great. I love finding new artists to follow. Do you have any other music reccomendations?


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