Chatterbox: Eloïse

Hey, could you give us a little background on the new single?

The spirit of the single has been part of my writing for such a long time, the kind of rejection of obsessions with American culture and the damaging effect it has on teenagers. This song came about as a reaction to a famous couple everyone was absorbed with despite it looking fake to me, and turned into a look at not only that, but also self-indulgence and the hypocrisies of ‘social warriors’ buying into what they reject. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

California is part of of my upcoming EP Marie Antoinette, which I am excited to release on the 16th of June with California setting the tone for what people should expect from it, with its attitudes and ideas. I have also shot a video for the title track ‘Marie Antoinette’ which is pretty creepy and high glitz, also out in June. 

What else in on the horizon for you?

Live shows are my favourite part of what I do so I am really looking forward to doing more and more, especially after a great show at the Seabright Arms recently. I am also looking to make more music and work with more producers, as the world gets weirder day by day I have no shortage of inspiration!

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