Listen to delicate title-track ‘Salt’ from Michael Baker’s new album

In recent months, we’ve been treated to a string of acoustic, progressive-rock, indie-folk and americana tinged tracks from the Brighton-based singer and songwriter Michael Baker. You can look back at our two favourites ‘Baby Books’ and ‘They Look Just Like They Know’, although we’d up those two to a hat-trick now that we’ve heard Baker’s album title-track ‘Salt’.

Built on a driving rhythm on brushed symbols and clipped snare drum alongside whining guitars and gospel-esque piano chords, we love the warm enriching atmosphere of this track. The highlight surely has to be the harmonies between Baker’s well-rounded tone and the warbling, unique vocals of his co-singer. This, above all, is what makes ‘Salt’ stand out – the interplay between these two voices is simply mesmeric.

Check out ‘Salt’ below and be sure to go listen to the album in full here.





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