‘Baby Books’ by Michael Baker, subtly sad but utterly beautiful.

Michael Baker is an Anglo-French singer songwriter whose music is an expert blend of his world travels and existent emotions; with themes of honesty, belonging and serenity pouring out from a place of tender truthfulness.   

With a cool consistent energy driven by a running bass-line and perfectly plucked guitar, his new song ‘Baby Books’ is the third offering from his latest album Salt. 

“Gorgeous, singer-songwriter would give Ben Howard a run for his money.” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

The inspiration behind the song, once known, poignantly punctuates the air with a soft and subtle sadness. 

Lyrically sophisticated and intriguing, the accompanying melodies chosen by the singer are a real highlight, going everywhere you didn’t know you needed it to.

“I wrote Baby Books after losing a friend who lost their battle with mental health. It shocked me how much we wear masks every day & how hard it is to see what is bubbling away underneath. Most of the time I feel that this song is not my song to sing, but then I remember the solution of all this is to talk more openly and be prepared to share our inner demons with friends and loved ones.” – Michael Baker.


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