‘Keepin On’ is the encouraging pop single from New Zealander Kylie Price

Some days it feels as thought life is getting harder and harder and the world is continuing the spin out of control. In times like those, we sincerely needs reminders that if we keep moving forward and we work together then there’s hope. This is the message at the heart of Kylie Price’s new single ‘Keepin On’.

The New Zealand singer-songwriter wrote this track on an acoustic guitar throughout 2018 and 2019 in her hometown of Dunedin. It came following a period of frustration when the musician was surrounded by uncertainty and needed to carve her way out of this overcrowded forest of fear, anxiety, stress and doubt. As a result, Price brings forward a hopeful tone to her powerhouse vocals that have the faintest touch of her country music roots; this passionate combination drives home a modern pop chorus, “I’ll just keep, keepin’ on, I’ll just keep, keepin’ on.” It certainly wouldn’t sound quite the same without the talents of producer Will Henderson who took that acoustic demo and make it a light, summery and radio-ready anthem.

The music video was filmed in London (you’ll recognise city landmark St Paul’s for example) by fellow New Zealander Taine Noble (Six Creative). It not only features a emotive performance from Price, but we also follow the journey of a boxer whose physical activity is the perfect metaphor for the tireless fight.

“Keepin On is the pep-talk you need when you’re facing adversity and wanting to give up. It’s the reminder to keep putting one foot forward.”

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