Arizona’s Paper Foxes lead into their next album with indie-synth tune ‘Heartstrings’

We do love anything that’s electronically infused here at Purple Melon and that has to include synthesizers, the starting point of many a great tune over the decades. Most of us probably associated synth pop and rock with the 80s when it was the sound-du-jour for many artists/bands, and yet that retro sound has endured and evolved throughout the years. This latest single ‘Heartstrings’ from Phoenix, Arizona band Paper Foxes, is plenty proof of that.

This airy, indie track is composed of pulsating synths, upbeat electro beats and a cool bass line, all of which underpins the melodic vocals which gives off a chilled delivery. All in all, the track is reminiscent of the mid-00s indie-synth bands like MGMT or M833, although with a more relaxed flow that washes over the listener. For all its digital crispness, Paper Foxes have still managed to pull out an endearing human warmth to this synth-forward gem.

An exciting departure from their guitar heavy music, ‘Heartstrings’ marks a new horizon for the upcoming album, Paradise Deluxe.

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