Yes Place is the optimistic sophomore record from talented producer Biicla

Back in 2020, Russian producer Biicla was going through a process of self-exploration, which related to both his personal and musical identity; this resulted in his hit album No Place. The title-track from the record is still his most successful track to date with an astonishing 4 million plays on Spotify to date. Since then, Biicla’s life has been a non-stop adventures with countless festivals, new friends, more locations than he could imagine, especially in America. It was on one of those trips that the reluctant nomad finally found a sense of belonging in Los Angeles and he was struck by the feeling “Yes! I think I found a place”.

Thus, Biicla wanted to create a light house album to celebrate this new phase in his life and Yes Place was born. It features ten feel-good and sonically diverse tracks made for daily listening, whether you’re working, studying, driving, exercising and partying. It also features Rome In Silver and Kroy whose fine-tuned style is complimentary to the youthful energies of Biicla’s ever-evolving approach to music. The record is the soundtrack for life; it’s the antithesis to No Place and yet presents a consistent sound from this talented DJ and producer.

“For a few years, I have been thinking about where and how to move on. Constant trips alone, a new team, new friends, and endless thoughts in my head, as well as my first performances in America. All of this was like in the movies, and naturally it affected my music. The album “No Place” was about finding myself and in 2022 I think I found myself. I just decided to create a light dance album for you that will touch you to the depths of your soul, because it is inspired by the new events and people I have met during this time. I share my fresh look at electronic music with you in this new album. Its full name was: “Yes! I think I found a place”, but I decided to shorten it and leave it to just “Yes Place” as opposed to the last album “No Place”.”

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