XANDOR releases ‘Insatiable’, the sultry club banger ft. Katie DiCicco

XANDOR, the dynamic future deep-house producer and DJ has been on the scene since 2018 wowing crowds in and around Boston, Massachusetts with his silky, sensual soundscapes. With his debut album on the way, the young millennial hopes to take his ambitions up a notch, enlisting the help of Katie DiCicco for his latest single and video, the sultry club banger, ‘Insatiable’.

XANDOR x Katie DiCicco

The idea behind ‘Insatiable’ came to XANDOR following his attendance of a ZHU concert, one of his biggest musical icons. He was particularly impressed by ZHU’s artistry and out-of-the-box usage of saxophones and guitars against electronic beats and was inspired to do the same. Katie DiCicco’s transcendent vocals were soon called upon for backup after XANDOR discovered her to be the incredible vocalist behind Dan Balan’s electro-pop hit, ‘Chica Bomb‘. The last member of the team was singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Will Jay who was brought on board by DiCicco to help co-write the pop-infused, deep house single.

Directed by Alyssa Pascucci, the ‘Insatiable’ music video is the perfect red-blooded backdrop to the sultry, adrenalin-pumping sounds of ‘Insatiable’. The dancers choreography flawlessly times with the resounding electronic beats and pulsating synths, and DiCicco on-screen appearances are equally as raunchy, as she vocalises the sex-fuelled lyrics in her distinctive, seductive tone. XANDOR’s impeccably produced beats are then joined by electronic guitars that command the tracks sound just as the song reaches its climax. The result is a fully-fledged electrifying dance-pop club hit that’s sure to gets hearts racing on the dance floor.

Listen to XANDOR ft. Katie DiCicco- ‘Insatiable’ here


“‘Insatiable’ is a vibe for everyone, regardless of whether you’re having a fling or starting a relationship with someone you deeply care about. You share intimate moments and connect on a very human level. I hope everyone can fully immerse themselves in this feeling while listening to our song!”


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