j.pastel return with the sweet sounds of their latest single, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’

J.pastel, the uber cool, super smooth bedroom-pop duo from Chicago return with the sweet sounds of their latest single, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’.

Casey Bruce (left), Chase Durrett (right)

The two musicians, Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, joined forces when they realised that their visions aligned as far as it came to songwriting and music production. Since then, the pair have released their highly revered debut single, ‘Senegal’ and caught the attention of Clunk Mag, When the Horn Blows and A1234 to name but a few.

Now, with the second single taken from their upcoming EP, j.pastel hope to wow fans once more with the soothing, sultry sounds of ‘Strawberry Lemonade’. Distorted in sound and electronic in nature, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ is a mellow, layered track with romantic, brooding lyrics, manipulated vocals and a gorgeous, guitar lead melody. It’s a perfect addition to their discography so far and a very exciting peek into the promise of their debut EP set to be released later this year.


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