Watch Calista Kazuko’s expert live performance of uplifting single ‘So Much Love’

In keeping with today’s set of positive singles, we have the newest release from Calista Kazuko, who we previously featured in our Mini Melon Mix Ups with her track ‘Panda’. Now, the classically trained London musician is back with ‘So Much Love’, a piano-led alternative pop ballad which is all about LOVE! Both ‘So Much Love’ and ‘Panda’ were written during and shortly after Calista Kazuko’s pregnancy, which has inspired her to write about motherhood, family and love.

The artist has linked up with dummer Fred Claridge and bassist Sam Weston, as well as videographer Philip Reinking, for a super special live session at Temple Studios in London. Throughout the video, Kazuko’s voice is flawless as it dips into soulful lows and rises to ecstatic highs – her vocals alone express the variety of depth that one can experience love as. The rich reverb of her voice matches the timbre of the bountiful sound of the piano, which she plays with expert ease while also delivering the epic lyrics.

For Calista Kazuko, love isn’t the everyday, it’s a profound experience that makes her feel like a queen.

“So Much Love is my very first love song, can you believe it? I thought it was about time! We recorded while I was super pregnant and loved up on oxytocin, so this song is for the love you feel as a partner, a parent, a child, a friend, a human full of SO MUCH LOVE!”

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