EKKO releases urban cityscape visual for recent single ‘Off My Mind’.

Norwegian female sing-songwriter and producer, EKKO is back with a bang, releasing her urban, cityscape music video to compliment recent Future Bass infused single ‘Off My Mind’.

The visual features the artist running through the empty streets, under the cover of darkness, amongst the twinkling city lights of Moscow.  The video manages to capture a playful yet editorial side to EKKO, as she makes her way through the concrete jungle, drawing you in step by step, it’s almost as if you can feel the cool Russian breeze, brushing against your cheeks. The perfect representation to elevate the single to the next level and a beginners introduction to EKKO offering just a passing glance into her world.


“I wanted the music video to capture how a thought or an idea can possess your entire mind and body. Through scenes like the city at night, and the empty endless corridors, I wanted to give a sense of how isolating it can be exploring the different parts of our minds. Particularly the subconscious where the conflict may arise. Visually the video draws inspiration from artists like massive attack and banks” – EKKO


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