Mini Melon Mix Ups: Emilia Tarrant, Chee, Keir, Dylan Rockoff & Bre Kennedy, Gillian Heidi, Draper, Stefy De Cicco x Wasback ft. Sam Tinnesz, Beks and Der Mist.

Back again this week with more bite sized music recommendations from Purple Melon HQ. A plethora of tunes ranging from debut’s to up and coming artists, let’s get stuck into this weeks Mini Melon Mix Ups.

First up are the mesmerising, angelic vocals of the young and incredibly talented Emilia Tarrant. She releases her first single this 2021, in the form of the delicately detailed ‘Honeymoon Phase’. Describing those all important, heavenly first few stages of a new relationship, her lyrics are poignant, intricate and immeasurably beautiful.

‘Honeymoon Phase is based on the stereotypical fairy-tale beginning that most new relationships endure, and surviving the end of it. It covers the ebbs and flows of a new relationship, the choice we face whether it’s worth fighting for, as well as the inevitable cyclical argumentative stage: ‘we fight, we cry, we hug, we fight again’. Emilia Tarrant

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Taking a totally different turn, next we have Chee‘s ‘Turn Up’. A song simply made for those epic nights out, ‘Turn Up’ represents everything we are currently missing and aching to get back to. Heavy beats, synths and bass fuel this song to the max, making it a hard hitting dance floor filler that we can’t wait to shake a leg too.

“I was elated to have my good friend African Ginger work on the art for Turn Up and later have the opportunity to work with him on the final EP art. I wanted the recurring theme to be a feeling of restraint & the need to escape, but partially being paralyzed by one’s own mind. The process of overanalyzing, causing one to freeze and be a prisoner of their own thoughts. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, especially after this last year, and I feel the art does the perfect job portraying that internal conflict a lot of us face daily.” – Chee

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Keir‘s ‘Paranoid’ is up on our musical radars next. Overflowing with extremely capable vocals that simply ooze soul and soaring to an almighty crescendo fiercely backed with layers of gospel choir. This song not only showcases Keir‘s incredible vocal talents but also his ability to write killer hooks and ear worm melodies which will have you singing this song on repeat for days.

I think we are searching for something real, and often that search can feel quite reckless. There are moments when you feel you can maybe give yourself deeply to someone else. And those moments are scary. It’s like a big, beautiful abyss you want to dive into.” – KEIR

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Taking us back down to earth is this lovely little electro pop number by Dylan Rockoff & Bre Kennedy in the form of ‘Problems’. Starting softly, their vocals perfectly blend and then effortlessly harmonise detailing the ever so relatable aspects of Human nature and the fact we all have ‘Problems’.

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Gillian Heidi returns to us now with her latest single ‘burnout’ another, all to relatable pop infused tune that is a common narrative for our current generation. A more acoustic note from Gillian, ‘burnout’ features the welcome sound of live drums and soft, simple piano chords.

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Waking us from a dream is producer and songwriter Draper with his latest single ‘Omens’. Beginning with augmented vocals, it’s almost as if being roused from a half sleep, half awake state as moments later strings float in. This softness then makes way for layer upon layer of skilled synth work and high energy before the vocals return to help float you back down to earth again.

“Omens” is the lack of light; an absence of hope. It exists in all of us, some more prevalent than others. It clings to the past and appears in a dense fog, clouding the mind. It is personal to everyone who has felt the same. The song stars in the familiar void; dark, cold. Often a forest due to their solemn nature. The strings provide a glimmer of hope, a break in the dark tone. The song picks up and takes us to a place of hope and support. The chorus brings life, energy, and a chance to feel something. The last verse reminds us that we live with omens every day and understanding them is far greater than fighting them. Mental health is of paramount importance, especially when we lack social interaction in a state of lock down, communication is key. Do not go this alone.”Draper

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Shimmying us back to the dance floor are Stefy De Cicco, Wasback and Sam Tinnesz with new track Fences. Starting with ridiculously catchy vocals and melodies to match, this ones a sure fire add to your post-lockdown party playlist. Simple, yet super effective, Fences is the feel good tune we wish we could be partying to right now.

 “I fell in love with the song from the first listen. When Wasback played to me the demo , I immediately recognised  the power of the lyrics and the melody … Sam’s voice is fantastic: smooth and  powerful at the same time. I’ve added my personal touch to the song and I’m super happy with the final result.”Stefy De Cicco

 “When I started the song I was together with my manager in Los Angeles, we were really happy to start working with a singer like Sam Tinnesz. We discovered his voice through some Netflix series, so I decided to try and make a track with him and mix our styles. On my way back to Italy, I met Stefy De Cicco for the first time and we realised we are both producers… was really happy to tell them I had Sam as the track’s singer, and we just jumped into the studio together. ‘Fences’ is the result!”Wasback

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Bringing a new tune from Bek’s now in the form of a brand spanking new video! With bouncing synths and syncopated rhythms throughout, this light hearted, dancey electro pop tune has just enough of an 80’s nostalgia wash that we love combined with some absolute looks!

 “This song encapsulates the feeling of being in love and then out of love with your best friend. Your best friend that you party and wake up hungover with and then realise that you’ve crossed a line of no return, blurred the boundaries and you’re desperate to find a way back. The thing about us is there was never an ‘us’ only ever ‘you and I’” – Beks.

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Last up on the list we have Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty. The duo make up the Glasgow-based band der Mist who have been readying themselves for the release of their debut, self-titled album; an intoxicating mix of rock, pop and electronics. ‘Change’ is the exciting new lead single from the project and a punchy, upbeat number that has a little something for everyone, borrowing elements from classic rock, grunge and various forms of electronic music, ‘Change’ is therefore somewhat of a sonic pic-n-mix and a tasty one at that.

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