Premiere: MACKandgold delivers slice of electro-pop magic in new EP – ‘Take Solace.’

MACKandgold has returned and this time she brings with her an entire EP full of that electro-pop magic you have been craving. Following on from the successful release of her February single ‘Take Me In’, the firecracker herself, uniquely talented for creating her signature emotionally-driven soundscapes, gives us more of that delectable, soulful guitar and those steady, sultry vocals that paint the most vivid of pictures.

The bass-driven tracks and funkadelic grooves allow you to freely move your body along to each tune, dancing through themes of love, loss and life in all of its fullness. Known for her ability to authentically translate all that life has thrown at her within her songwriting, she creates beautiful highs from the most heartbreaking of lows. We are honoured to be able to exclusively premiere the EP before the official release tomorrow, be the first to check it out below:

“There’s a common theme of darkness and overcoming in each song. I take solace in creating music to help me navigate challenges.” – MACKandgold.



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