Chatterbox: We chat to L.A. based producer Bohkeh about his new single ‘Hold You’, streaming and his husky.

How long have you been singing / playing /producing / songwriting?

I’ve actually been experimenting with different instruments my whole life. Well, I started singing since I was very young. My family were hardcore karaoke fans so I happened to just be there singing with them at family parties and it was lots of fun haha!  My parents gifted me a drum set for my 10th birthday, but I was never too good at it to be honest. I then picked up an acoustic and electric guitar going into high school. I was a HUGE John Mayer fan in high school (Still am) and watching him kinda helped with my guitar & songwriting skills. After graduating high school I really wanted to get in touch with production. I downloaded FL Studios then eventually switched to Ableton due to its flexible live features. Its been about 3-4 years of me releasing my music under the name Bohkeh.


Which would you say is the best song to make everyone know your work?

Im a huge sucker for chopping and manipulating samples, so I’d say one of my latest tracks “Needing You” would definitely be recognizable. The song gives a poppy, yet R&B style to it and at certain moments of the song I throw spurts of samples and cut offs. That song has been something I’ve been wanting to put out for a long time.

What are your plans for the future in the artistic area?

I’ve been studying a lot of jazz lately and I hope to somehow incorporate that with what I’ve learned through the past years. I’m actually pretty excited because I have some music finished that showcases that. I hope people enjoy it!

What was your inspiration for “Hold You”?

I usually start off not knowing what feel I want for a song, but It somehow always ends up as a “feel good” track haha! I actually have a few versions of this track and just stuck with one that felt most “Spring” in my opinion. Since the season is underway and festivals are here, I wanted something memorable for people that go on those trips or simply just an anthem for them this spring.

What do you like to do when you are not doing music? (hobbies, favourite free time activities…)

I actually have lots of things I like to do that I don’t share on my socials. I of course love eating and trying new restaurants. I love playing golf, basketball and running. I usually have my dog Yuna (Husky) that pulls me on my skateboard every day which is frightening, but super fun. I also enjoy reading!


What do you think about the streaming revolution in music?

I think its amazing! It’s crazy how much its changed since the birth of Soundcloud. Lot’s of people are sharing their music worldwide even without labels or managers. The music industry is growing so fast that you really have to anticipate whats next. Im glad to be a part of it!


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