Chatterbox: Qveen Herby chats to us about her team, SADE IN THE 90’S, writing in gibberish and merch

Hey! Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

I’m a hard worker, to a fault.  I love to be involved in every step of the process but I needed to let go of the reins a little bit this round.  I’ve surrounded myself with insanely talented and passionate people that see the vision.  You don’t hear a lot about artists teams, but mine is very lit!

What does the new single draw upon?

SADE IN THE 90s is a mood and lifestyle based on her effortless glamour.  It’s 100% no-fucks-given, relaxed and lavish.  I like reminding myself to live that way, don’t you?

Is Sade a notable influence on your writing?

I didn’t set out to match her sonics, but have always seen her as a muse.  That look in her eye, the way she moves, and the world she created – it’s how I want to vibe as Qveen Herby: the chillest, bossiest, unapologetically glamorous Qveen.

How did it evolve in the studio from the original demo?

The way I demo songs is in gibberish, so vocal melodies are locked but I’m not saying anything cohesive.  From the raw demo we felt the song was gonna be dope and needed a fire concept.  Lyrics came out like a conversation.  Then came the video shoot where the mood got even crazier, that’s a great feeling.

This will be your third EP, how do you feel your sound has changed?

I think the writing and production is just getting tighter and more dialed in.  I started last year with a distinct vision and it hasn’t changed, but I have been pushing myself to write more freely and take risks.  But I still live for EP 1 and EP 2 tracks, those are my babies.


What are you working on other than the music at the moment?

Music is high-maintenance AF!  Haha but I also run my own merch store and cosmetics line with DJ Audrey Napoleon.  We stay killin em with these lips + lashes.  QVEENSTUDIO.COM

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months. 

I have another fire single coming with a crazy video, then EP 3 drops right after.  Already back in the studio working on some collabs, too.  Then I wanna get on the road so I can thank all these amazing fans for their support.  We got some celebrating to do!


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