Coco + the Lost stuns in her rebellious new single, ‘Not Famous’

Ella, known mainly by her stage name Coco+ the Lost, is the exciting new voice in the arena of British pop-rock and alternative music. Having grown up with creative parents, an author/illustrator mother and a sound engineer/producer father, Ella grew up surrounded by music and was constantly in and out of studios and going to gigs, as a child she was obsessed with music despite being discouraged from pursuing music as a career by her parents on several occasions.

Fast forward a few years and a few failed job options later, Ella is now Coco+the Lost and a promising young talent emerging at a very promising time for British music, from Rap, to Pop and RnB. Unconfined by genre or convention, Coco’s music transcends genre, taking sonic influences from the likes of Blondie, Pulp and Queen, providing the much-loved nostalgia of classic Britpop but with an edgy and refreshingly unique twist.

‘Not Famous’ is therefore the perfect amalgamation of classic Britpop melodies, grungy guitars, empowering lyrics and bad-ass female attitude. Catching the ear from the very first note, ‘Not Famous’ is a guitar led, percussion heavy head-banger with a dark, punky underbelly that just oozes cool! Championing the New Wave Britpop sound, ‘Not Famous’ perfectly showcases Coco’s raw vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, proving that this young talent is is one to watch out for in 2021. nothing short of a superstar

My Dad used to work as a recording engineer and told me a story he had heard that Sting was walking down the road one day and a guy pulled up next to him and shouted “Oi Sting you’re not famous to me” I never forgot the story. My dad is always buying random recording gear off of the internet and had got a Rockman because they had used it on Def Leppard pour some sugar on me (which he was the tape operator on) when he plugged it in, he started playing this riff, when I heard it, I wrote the rest of the song and then we put it together.

Listen to Coco+the Lost – Not Famous


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