Daring Duo FHAT want to know what you’re ‘Packin’.

Based in Berlin, Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric Perry are the terrific twosome that make up the duo, FHAT.

Their latest release ‘Packin’ is a playful, poppin’ party anthem that contains the perfect amount of sass layered with suggestion. With flavours of Bruno Mars, a pinch of Prince and just a dash of Justin Timberlake this song is the recipe to get you weekend ready.

Paired with an equally fabulous 70’s inspired video to boot, this tune is an easy listening groove that will have you toe tapping in no time.

“This is the thing we’re most proud of to date! It completely captures the world of FHAT! This is who we are every day outside of the music – we have fun, we dress up, we use charm and hustle to get what we want – and the cause always justifies the means! This is only the beginning of the journey – it gets even wilder!” – FHAT



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