Ka-Li share their ‘Pipe Dream’ Love.

Radiating a new wave of Soul and R&B, Indigo Lily and Sam Posener are the pairing that create Ka-Li. Londons very own, Ka Li’s latest release ‘Pipe Dream’ from the EP which it is also named, is mainly a bedroom production but blissfully features live instrumentation throughout.

The song is satisfyingly soulful and moves with an expressive momentum that is seared with sentiment.

Finishing with an impassioned bridge and outro, it’s the influences of Lauryn Hill to Led Zeppelin that offer a beautiful juxtaposition of Ka-Li’s musical perspective, providing the perfect conditions for their sound to transpire.

“The song’s lyrics, penned by Indigo Lily of Ka-Li, are an exploration into the aftermath of an old love come undone.”


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