A R I Z O N A release velvety visual for track ‘Where you are’ from new album ASYLUM.

NJ based alternative, electronic trio  A R I Z O N A  have released a velvety visual to accompany track No. 3, ‘Where you are’ from recently released album ASYLUM, which  generated over 3.6 million streams in its first week.

The video pictures a contemporary dancer in an empty room, lustrously moving through crisp, bright white sheets, mirroring the ebb and flow of the song in physical form.

Providing a graceful imagery, it beautifully compliments the audio which oozes dreamy vocals, glittering neon synths and a pulsating electronic beat, thus creating a retro sonic soundscape that is gloriously good.

“Beyond how the idea asylum impacts us as a band, it affects all people. We see in the world today many immigrants seeking political asylum. Marginalized groups seeking to be heard, and looking for change. Our generation – millennials – caught up in feeling low self worth, chasing lives only found on social media feeds, striving for instant gratification only to satisfy a hunger for true happiness with fleeting and frivolous pursuits. It’s about being able to be your true self. Realizing having self-worth. Practicing self-care. Being healthy and whole, and safe. Freedom from oppression. Liberty. Asylum.” – A R I Z O N A’s  David Labuguen.


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