HONGZA returns with fresh new lockdown track ‘Accolades’

The North London residing British-Vietnamese Indie pop outfit HONGZA has returned with his latest release, the fresh, punchy and energetic ‘Accolades’. Capturing the pure essence of all those glorious indie bands that layered every teenager soundtrack of the 2000s, ‘Accolades’ is pouring with relatable lyricism and manages to encapsulate the feeling of the nations youth enduring yet another lockdown. Depicting the growing reliance on social media for human contact during COVID-19 ‘Accolades’ questions the feeling of self-worth attached to likes, comments & followers fuelling the often toxic social media culture.

Ingeniously infusing the worlds of indie, pop and shoegaze, HONGZA creates the perfect playground for his sounds all whilst shedding light on topics that plague the younger generation, becoming a beacon of hope and connection during such testing times.

“Being in Lockdown is such a crazy experience, I had so much time that I was spending insane amounts of hours on my phone and making TikTok videos. I got caught in this mess where I thought my self-worth came from how many people commented on my videos & how many people followed me. Which is not true! I guess this is a lockdown to take care of your mental health & this track is a digital wellbeing anthem for me.” – Hongza.

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